In 2020, it is more than 50 new products that are added to the different Papo ranges, and these are all new stories to invent and imagine for young and old!

When it comes to wildlife, it is the miniature world which lives in our gardens that is in the spotlight. With new lines including the Butterfly, Ladybug, Grasshopper, Dragonfly, mole and many more, these new creations will delight young explorers. These life-like insects and mammals will awaken their curiosity for the microscopic world that lives under our feet. Some may even discover a taste for adventure, and for exploring the mysteries of the past. 

And what could be more mysterious than the giants who walked the Earth long before the dawn of Man? This year Papo invites you to follow in the footsteps of 4 new kinds of dinosaurs. Chilesaurus, Giganotosaurus, Stygimoloch and Megaloceros will take you through different periods of history, from the Jurassic, to the Pleistocene, through to the Cretaceous period. You can also rediscover the feathered velociraptor and the parasaurolophus in all their splendor.

Less imposing, but equally realistic in the choice of postures and the attention to detail, Papo horses are ideal for equine enthusiasts. In 2020 you will find new sets and figurines, inspired by the different disciplines associated with these beloved animals. We will welcome the arrival of new competition horses and their riders, a western rider and her steed, as well as the Irish cob.

For dreamers whose imaginations are filled with magical stories, Papo has also created new fantastic characters. Be the master of epic battles with the Griffin knight and King Arthur in blue, discover the depths of the ocean alongside a magnificent Mermaid, or embark on a quest for hidden treasure with the fearsome Blackbeard.

To accompany all these stories, and in order to bring their worlds to life where ever you are, the Isiplay range is now also available in Mini format. Mini castle, Mini farm and Mini savannah are all new for 2020. These high quality environments are each filled with stunningly realistic detail, and serve as the perfect environment for our Mini and MiniPLUS figures. They offer a complete, and easily transportable game universe, so the only limit to your play, is the imagination!


You can find all of our new items in the "New 2020" section of the site right now.