PAPO's values

Protection of biodiversity

Papo is committed to the planet and encourages younger generations to protect the environment. )Through its animal figurines, Papo raises awareness from the earliest age about the richness and beauty of biodiversity, in order to inspire action to preserve it. Thus, Papo wants to educate children to make them responsible consumers of tomorrow and aware of the environmental issues. To go further, in 2017 Papo joined the WWF SME Club. Through this approach, which is consistent with the company's values, Papo fulfills its environmental commitment and becomes a sponsor of WWF conservation actions.

Product quality

One constant factor which has not changed over the years is quality (the quality of the sculptures and of the materials used) which has always been our watchword and will remain so. The model figures are hand-painted and the extreme attention to detail is universally recognised. The finished result of Papo’s work is so impressive that you could be forgiven for thinking that these animals are about to move.

Child safety

Papo has earned the trust and confidence of parents because of the extremely high quality of its products. Naturally, our model figures are manufactured in strict compliance with international safety rules and are tested by approved laboratories. Papo has made safety a central priority and this aspect is taken into account from the very first design stages.

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