PAPO and creativity

100% French design

Papo draws upon French talent and know-how. All of its creations are conceived, designed and developed in France, with the underlying aim of aiding and encouraging play and learning.

Toys designed to stimulate children's imagination

Papo's creations are a source of amusement and will stimulate children's imagination, which is vital if they are to successfully build their own points of reference. Papo does everything to arouse kids’ curiosity through the creation of educational toys.

The diversity of the model figures and the interaction of the different worlds stimulate creativity and helps build play-related values. Whether heroic, fairy tale or fantasy, the stories come to life, combining and offering countless hours of play and pleasure.

To be discovered: a stay on the farm and among the horses, an African safari, heroic battles back in the days of the Knights, prehistoric and extinct animals, not to mention the exciting travels of the pirates and corsairs…. or the fantasy world of elves and princesses.

For the pleasure of young and old alike

It is because we attach so much importance to quality and realism that our designs have also proved so popular with many collectors or specialists, who send us their opinions and feedback from all around the world.

Stimulating the imagination